What is SEO?

What is it all about?

There is a decorum that web pages have to follow if they want their web pages to be ranked high. Higher the rank of your web page more will be the traffic on your page. And more the traffic on your page, more popular your business will become. And SEO techniques help you achieve this. There is no downside to using this technique; however, there are numerous advantages of employing this technique. You will definitely see a surge in the traffic for your web page or web site Use social media to popularize your web pages, share links to your web page on Facebook, Twitter and on other platforms. This is an easy way to reach a huge audience. And this also increases the rank of your web page. A sophisticated and popular ranking algorithm is the Page Rank algorithm that Google currently uses. While developing content for your web page understand your audience. It is an extremely important step. Define your content around their needs. This will definitely help your business establish itself.

Why is this technique vital to use?

Applying SEO techniques will certainly improve the traffic of your web page (increased site usability). This means more people visit your web page and this indicates a rise in popularity and awareness of your business. SEO is also one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available today. You basically have a 24/7 marketing strategy in place with SEO.  SEO is a technique that improves the visibility of a particular webpage. Applying SEO techniques to your webpage will improve the awareness of your brand. This will definitely increase your customer base and give your business the much needed push.

A few SEO strategies are a must in ever web page

  • Link Building

Links are one of the top factors when it comes to determining the rank of a web page. There are basically two types of links – links that your web page points to and links that point to your web page that are on other web pages. Both these types of links are essential in determining your rank.

  • Use of Keywords

Usually when users get onto a page, they just skim the page. They do not read each and every line written on the page. So, while skimming, they just try to get the essence of the web page and the usage of keywords helps them understand the product quickly.

  • Use of images

‘An image is worth a thousand words’ is apt for this situation. People usually tend to understand more by looking at an image rather than read long pages of text. So starting of your web page with an attractive and informative image will definitely catch the attention of the reader.

  • Content

Keep the content relevant. Do not beat around the bush or write long exaggerated articles. People tend to get bored. Keep your content short, crisp and to the point. In this way the reader will understand your product and then can decide whether he / she is interested or not.


If you are a small business looking for a great online start, your first stop should be SEO techniques. It is not hard to get a website up and running. However, to have a good rank for your webpage is a difficult task. There are millions of pages out on the web and you need to make sure that your web page or web site stands out. So try applying search engine optimization techniques to your pages. You will see your popularity increase drastically within a few days and as a result, your business will boom.

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