What is WHITE HAT SEO Technique

What is the use of SEO?

The Search Engine Marketing, specifically, is a digital marketing technique which helps individuals, companies and organizations promote their work worldwide. It’s a basic idea that if your website is displayed on the top search results you would probably have more number of visitors and thus your site will gain promotion. This is why SEO is of high importance.

What is White Hat SEO?

The White Hat SEO technique refers to the optimization of your website in the search engines search results with the correct rules and search engine policies. The White hat SEO is the true way of promoting and using the SEO technique in the digital market.

What is the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

Every marketing technique can be done in two ways- one the right way and other the short-cut or wrong way. The same is with White Hat and Black Hat SEO. The White Hat SEO complies with the rules and policies created by the search engines whereas the Black Hat SEO is the wrong, unfair and naughty way of using the SEO technique.

What are the factors on which White hat SEO works?

The White Hat SEO is legal and uses the organic techniques to ensure the correct search results in a search engine. They focus on the quality of a site, written content, site performance, images and video, and site architecture.

How do I improve my content quality to ensure higher place in the White Hat SEO results?

A search engine orders the website according to the content which it thinks to be more accurate and valuable. Make sure to type in your content with good grammar and correct information. Using of Subheadings and titles and writing in paragraphs will surely make your content quality good.

Is stuffing more keywords a White Hat SEO Technique?

Including keywords is a good way of increasing your chances to get up the search results only till you keep them in control and don’t over-stuff them. Keyword ‘stuffing’ is a common practice among the Black Hat SEO which ensures that the word is always picked up. This method however reduces the quality of your content as stuffing keyword will not let you make good sentences so it is recommended to keep a check on your keyword limit and focus on the quality of the article.


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